Serving the Community with low cost pet vaccinations for over 20 years

Serving the Community with low cost pet vaccinations for over 20 yearsServing the Community with low cost pet vaccinations for over 20 yearsServing the Community with low cost pet vaccinations for over 20 years

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We realize that our low cost pet vaccination clinics are more critical than ever in the COVID 19 era since so many people are out of work and need pet care. We are doing our best to work with our host locations to create spaces that enable our clinics to become drive through services.

We are asking all owners to stay in your car, follow traffic patterns, and pull up to each table. You will have 2 stations. The first is for your paperwork and payment, followed by the station where your pet will receive his/her shots.

We are having our staff fill out all the paperwork so owners do not handle clipboards and paperwork until they get their copy. We ask you bring a pen to sign the paper with so you are not handling pens other people have touched. We will provide you a new pen to keep if you forget to bring one.

When you reach the shot station please put your car in park. Small dogs can be handed out the window. Cat carriers we can take out and put back. Large dogs may need an owner to come out and hold. Some dogs protect their car so we need your help. PLEASE keep a leash on your dog. REMEMBER to wear a mask.

All our personnel are gloved and masked. We are sanitizing our gloves between each car so that the hands touching your pet have been disinfected before the next car.

Please do your part to keep our personnel healthy so that we may continue to serve the community.


WCJB News 20 April 25, 2020

Channel 20 news interviews Dr. Mark Wilson, Director of the Florida International Teaching Zoo at a vaccination clinic.

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We only offer a one year shot.  Given the rabies alert frequency in Florida we feel this is the best way to protect your pet.  Both dogs and cats will need this shot to be registered in Marion County. It is required by law to be current against the rabies virus, as this can be transmitted to humans and is potentially fatal with no known cure. The cost is $8


This is a core vaccine that is critical to keeping the pet population safe from deadly viruses. Keeping your animal indoors does not mean they cannot come into contact with a virus. This shot is for dogs. We recommend this shot on a yearly basis.  $17

Bordatella/Kennel cough

We offer the intranasal kennel cough vaccine. It provides protection in as little as 2 days.  Since life is unpredictable and emergencies happen, we make sure you can update your shots and get the protection you need if your pet needs to go to a boarding kennel suddenly. This shot is for dogs, not cats.  $18

Cat Distemper

The fvrcp vaccination helps provide protection against upper respiratory viruses. This shot should be updated yearly. $17

We only do shots

We do not offer heartworm testing at our vaccination clinics.  We don't sell any prescription medications and we cannot give a full examination to your pet at that time.  The Veterinarian giving the shots is Dr. Mark Wilson.


We accept cash or personal check ONLY.  Checks are made payable to the Zoo School. Please visit the ATM before coming to the clinic! 

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No Appointment Needed

Go to the dates and locations link and select a time convenient for you. Remember to arrive on time as we operate first come, first served. You must be signed up at least 15 minutes before the clinic is scheduled to end. Shots are administered by a veterinarian and documentation is provided. Dogs on leashes, cats in carriers- ONE cat per carrier.

Florida Teaching Zoo Low Cost Pet Vaccinations

Belleview, Florida, United States

352-867-7788 for clinic dates and locations updated weekly.